Another digital literacy blog

Digital literacy

I’ve decided to keep a blog, having talked about it for a long time now. There are various reasons for blogging, but the main ones seem to boil down to:

  • Telling the world what you’re doing
  • Sharing insights with others working in the same field
  • Reflecting on professional practice
  • Keeping a diary in online form
  • Generally letting off steam a bit

This blog will be a combination of all of these, and I hope it will be of interest not just to me, but to others working in the area of digital and information literacy. If it gets any conversations going, so much the better!

Why I am adding to the veritable plethora of information already out there on the subject of digital literacy? As the screenshot on this page suggests, it is a well-documented area. Nevertheless, I believe there are still new things to say on the subject. I hope that recording some of my musings and work in progress may enable me to clarify my thoughts and perhaps help others who are travelling the same road.


4 thoughts on “Another digital literacy blog

  1. RattusScholasticus

    Hi Katharine! I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on your blog – digital literacy is an area I’m very much interested in too! Will look forward to future posts! In the meantime, the blog itself is looking great – how did you find the process of setting it up and choosing how to present it and yourself?

  2. KathR Post author

    Thanks for the comments. I’ve had this one on the back burner for a while, but the LD 23 (or 5) things has finally prompted me to go for it!

  3. KathR Post author

    PS the process of setting it up was quite quick as I’ve used WordPress before, but I spent a while playing around with layout and image. I’m still on the lookout for good images to add in future.


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